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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Am I crazy? Don't answer that!

Why am I moving to Toronto?
Lots of reasons...But I only want to talk about a few of them.
I have been thinking about moving to the center of the universe (Toronto) for a long time.
I have blogged about it on here a few times. You can almost watch the progress of my decision.
Well, I just needed an excuse. I was asked what my summer plans were a few months back...
I had not planned to move this summer. It was not on my radar. My vague idea of moving to Toronto one day needed a catalyst. The catalyst is The Hour. What?

When I was little I wanted to be a camera operator. What?

I took Creative Arts in CEGEP (College) with that goal in mind until I saw that CFCF was using robotic cameras for the news... I thought, that's the future , no more camera operators... :-(

...20 years later, in the studio of The Hour, I see people operating the studio cameras as much as they did when I was little.
I guess the robots are out of work.
Thank God for the CBC unions!

I no longer have a big desire to be a camera operator, but I had enjoyed the television, and film, and radio courses I took in CEGEP. We produced a show about Ste Anne de Bellevue on a cable access channel. I got Camera Operator credit!
I have always loved the creative brainstorming and teamwork that television or film production classes allowed.

I wish I had gone on to University at that time, but love, got in the way... That's a whole other story.

My hobby is blogging. My hobby within a hobby is promoting my favourite show on my favourite network. It's almost political. Politicians have supporters who do all they can to get the get message out. It's kinda like that for me... Vote for George and The Hour! Vote for the CBC!

That is my catalyst for moving to Toronto. I want to work for them. I am not counting on this, but I have to give it a try. I know there are lots of jobs I can do in Toronto. I registered with Staffworks the last time I was in Toronto (to watch the season finale of The Hour).
See, my plans to move to TO were underway back then... The final click had not clicked yet.
All I was planning to do in the fall for The Hour was to come back for a visit with the other Stroumboulopouli, just to sit in the audience and enjoy the show.

In season three they will have a live studio audience for each show.
Now I want to meet the audiences. I want to bring them in to see the show. I want to be a part of the promotional team for The Hour. I could learn so much from the pros, and meet so many of the fans.
Wow, now that is my dream!

being brave
Barbara W.


mellowlee said...

Go Barbara! Im rooting for you 100%! I spent my first 30 years in a sleepy town and decided to get out and moved 12 hours away to Vancouver. It was scary. No job, no place to live. I didn't have a plan or motivation, only to get out. (Im still working on what I want to be when I grow up ha ha)

I'm so impressed with your ambition, how clear you are on what you want. I hope your dreams come true!

Barbara said...

Thanks Mellowlee. I will take all the encouragement I can get.
Good on you for being so brave. See how it all works out?
Many people I know started a new career when they got to the age i am at now. So You never know what you will be doing in 2 years, 5 years or 10 years from now.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Who knew you were a camera operator? Aren't you just full of surprises!

I hope you are feeling good about this move, because I have a very good feeling about it for you.

Barbara said...

Ah Barbara B. Some moments I am feeling good, sometimes feeling scared. You may hear me mumble OMG I am moving to Toronto in a few weeks. How did this happen?
But I think it will be good for me. I am ready.

She's Crafty said...

6 minutes and counting until "the One" comes on.
Just wanted you to know that I am thrilled for you.
I can see this is something you were just meant to do.

Big moves are a good thing. Going to Nelson, BC and being 8 hours away from my family, as well as pursuing my art skills was an amazing and important part of my life.

--Can't wait to have you direct me to my seat ;)


Barbara said...

Oh Sarah I hope I will be there to direct you to your seat, that would be fun! lol
It's funny while you are waiting for The One to come on I am just finished watching it. Underneath that suit George is wearing there is a black t-shirt...If ya know what I'm sayin'.

She's Crafty said...

It's alway George, all the time!
You can't turn that off!

The first time I met him I thought, okay...I'm gonna try and look underneath his image. (Burning question is he really that genuine or is he acting and is like a jerk or cocky or something).

She's Crafty said...

After thought, if I can quote U2.
"Even better than the real thing!"

kees said...

Wow this move of yours is exciting! I visited Toronto a few years ago and bloody loved it - if it wasn't a whole other country I'd move there in a shot. Happy for you and very jealous!

Barbara said...

Thank you kees. I will keep you posted on the move and how I'm feeling about the new City. Did you get to visit Montreal when you were in Canada? I think you would have loved it too.

kees said...

Sadly not, we went to Toronto and Niagra but we're really keen to go back and visit more - my gran was Canadian so I really want to spend more time there in the future and Montreal is definitely on the list :)

Anonymous said...

you could still be a freelance camera operator at Omni TV... I work there as a CG operator. They have some robotic cameras, but some human camera ops as well. Call & ask to speak to the studio supervisor if you're interested.

Barbara said...

That sounds interesting I will look into it when I get to Toronto.
Thanks for the lead.

James said...

You might want to check out the Toronto directory from Ontario Tenants Rights.

I found it very handy.