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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tarot card reading anyone

A friend recommended this site to me and so I checked it out. Free Tarot Reading
(for entertainment purposes only folks!)
I got a little reading that tells me things are looking up.... I won't tell you what the reading was but I will review it in 6 weeks because some of it is supposed to happen within a month...
Ha. We'll see. I do card readings as an icebreaker for others but it's hard to do a reading for myself without loosing my objectivity... I can't read me very well.
Ironic this is I am going a psychic evening with the Meet Market Adventures at the end of this month.
I get 3 readings with 3 different psychics in Toronto while mingling with singles...
If they say the same thing that the free online reading says... I'll let you know. ;-)


Allison said...

Thanks for the link Barbara, I just did mine...interesting. I'll pass it along to one of my friends, she loves this stuff!

Toccata said...

Not so much into this stuff but just stopped by to say hi all the same.

This summer by hook or by crook I am going to be in your newly adopted city studying art. When I arrive I am going to drag you along to the subway sketching club. You can jot it down as one of your new things to try!

Barbara said...

:-) I used to be heavy into this stuff.
Hi Toccata I love to try new things drag away!
Can't wait!