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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Plans for this week

In the theme that life is short I now try to do a couple of cool things each week.
This weeks plan includes; Going to a taping of The Hour on Monday afternoon and going to Yuk Yuks on Thursday night with the MMA. I think we can throw in a Birthday celebration for my sister C. And my nephew L. on the weekend.
At Whirly Ball last night Meet Market Adventures videotaped the games to put up on the new website. Not sure when that is going up you can follow the link and keep an eye open if you want to see the game in action.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Whirly ball looks like fun. And you can sit down - that's my kind of sport.

kees said...

Hahaha! Yep I totally agree with Barb, sitting down sports are the best. That looks BRILLIANT.

Barbara said...

So next should I try indoor

kees said...

YES!!!! Perfect.