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Monday, November 27, 2006


Malajube playing at Lee Palace in Toronto

I have been listening to this French Canadian
rock band since I heard about them on CBC radio some time in July.
I think it was on Sounds Like Canada in the summer with Jian Ghomeshi. No now that I think about it it could have been back when The National Playlist was on CBC radio one.

In any case Me and and Green Tea went to go see the band live this weekend.
There were two opening band one was Bocce I did not catch the name of the other band. Of the two bocce stood out a bit more.

Then the band we were all waiting for came on at Midnight. They asked the audience how did they hear about Malajube. We yelled out, 'CBC!!'
They explained the delay was due to one of the members having a reaction to eating a street hot dog, and was on and off the stage depending on how he was feeling. The poor guy played while sitting down on the stage leaning up against the drum set.
The band is pro and still played the wildest, catchiest, head bopping music in any language. No translation needed. Good is Good!
During the encore the keyboardist dived into the mosh pit and people moved out of his way. You could almost hear the thud. ouch!
I overheard one audience member say 'hey this is Toronto we don't catch people here.' Don't worry the keyboardist was picked up and carried up through the mosh pit and delivered back on to the stage and he was (hopefully)no worse for wear.
I had a great time for a 10$ ticket as did Green Tea. She even bought a CD from Bocce at the door.


Toccata said...

I love the line, "played the wildest, catchiest, head bopping music." That makes me want to dance to the music that instantly sprang to my head.

I thoroughly enjoyed the National Playlist. Did you catch the top I think it was 100 Canadian songs of all time? That was the program that rousted me from a ten year hiatus of "pop" music. I remember listening to the program and before I knew it I had pulled out all my old Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young records.

Barbara said...

I blogged about The national playlist being cancelled back as it was announced at the end of March. I thought it was an April fools joke.
I'm still waiting for it to come back one day.

I am sorry I missed the top 100 Canadian songs. I have a few Joni Mitchell and Neil Young songs I revisit.

Evelyne said...

How come they did not catch the guy???

Malajube is a really good band, both cds are awesome! I wish that I could have go to their show in Fall... I really want to see them live!

And I think that George talked about them on The Hour when it was the Top 10 list last year, I think that Fille a plume went on the list for a week or so.

And their lyrics are pretty funny, my favourite song is Montreal -0... I really like the part where Pierre Lapointe is singing.

Barbara said...

That's my favourite song too Evelyne.
As to why they didn't catch him...It was not on purpose...They did pick him up

Evelyne said...

Hey Barbara, I just found out that I could see Malajube in my hometown in december... I'll try to go and see them.

Barbara said...

If you can go do it!
One girl in the crowd that tried to catch the keyboardist got kicked in the face by his foot by accident... she has a black eye now but she says it's worth it!

Toccata said...

Now that's a black eye story! So much better than the, "I got hit in the head by a ball!"

I couldn't believe it when the National Playlist was cancelled I kept thinking they must have meant it's just not on until next season. The CBC really needs to hire dedicated longtime listeners as advisors. I love the CBC but it can frustrate me to no end at times.