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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Random top 10 ....

I have not played random top 10 yet.
I know it's supposed to be played on a Friday but what the heck.
This list reminds me I need to clear some songs off my itunes.

1. I Don't Want To Play. Ellen McIlwaine
2. Conquistador. Procol Harum
3. In This Life. Chantal Kreviazuk
4. Una Rosa A Dicembre. Gino Vannelli
5. Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby. Author unknown
6. Brother Down. Sam Roberts
7. The Novelty of Me. Seabone
8. Vanishing. Barenaked Ladies
9. Mode of Infusion. Seabone
10. Bull In A China Shop. Barenaked Ladies

Seabone got on there twice. So did BNL.
If you have never heard of Seabone it's an indi band in Vancouver and my late boyfriend was friends with Linda who happens to be a singer with that band. Graham lived in Vancouver for 8 years and left many friends there. Before Graham left this earth Linda had sent him a CD of their music. Maybe two of their songs getting on there at random was a message to remember to write her... see how's she is doing.

This is a picture Linda took of Graham and friends.

Two random BNL songs is because I have all my BNL CDs on there and it was just a good chance there would be...
or maybe it's a message to get Barenaked....

Speaking of Random I was eating burgers with my sister at Burger Shack today and I saw Dave Broadfoot walking by..... It was cool and random.


Toccata said...

I see you have a Chantal Kreviazuk tune on your list. Have you heard her new CD? I highly recommend it. I think she has a really interesting voice.

p.s. I have figured out how to do links and was wondering if you would mind if I added yours to the list. I haven't done the list yet because I didn't know if you can just add people or if you should ask first.

p.s.s. I blame my new obsession on you!! You probably don't know that but it stems directly from stumbling over the Strombolopouli one night this past summer. So thanks.

Barbara said...

In This Life has to be my favourite on that list. I will have to check out her latest. She writes her own songs plays several instruments and yes she does have an interesting voice. I saw her in concert opening for Barenaked Ladies in Montreal.

Feel free to add me if I can do the same.

If what we blog is interesting to you then we are happy to share and welcome you to the club! Blogging about subjects we have a common interest in is how we all met in the first place. Big part of the was the blogtracker on The Hour's website.

Barbara said...

I wonder if I am the only one who noticed I wrote Gina Vannelli by accident...
Fixed it.
I typo Jian Ghomeshis name Jina too many times to count.
After 10 months of blogging, you would think I could improve my typing skills.
I think I have gotten worse.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's a lovely photo. Especially for one taken in so much rain.

Mr. Underhill said...

I can't say I'm familiar with Seabone, but I'll look out for it and give it a try.