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Monday, October 16, 2006

What is in the newspapers?

Part of my job right now is to go through 4 daily newspapers looking for cool ads.
You know what else I see in the daily papers? The obits.
It is there to remind me that everybody dies.... We all end up there.
Well if anyone bothers to remember to place an ad for us...
On the brighter side there are piles of leaves to kick around right now. I can't resist shuffling through a pile of leaves....
And puddles , I can't resist wading through a good puddle on a summer day.
So while I am still alive I will enjoy piles of leaves and puddles....
And all the other good things in life.
Is all I'm sayin'


Barbara Bruederlin said...

As of this morning, we seem to have snow to kick through instead of leaves, although I'm sure that will pass.

Aren't you lucky that you get to cruise newspapers for ads? That'd be fun.

Barbara said...

It is a fun part of my job. But as a temp I never know how long these gigs will last.
I just found out how much I will be charged for car insurance in TO... Anybody want to buy a car?