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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Got my snow tires on!

I got my snow tires put on while I was in Montreal this past weekend. It cost me a bundle. They found that my front bearings needed to be changed. I was not going to chance driving back to Toronto with my car in less than top condition, so I gave them the go ahead. The problem was I could not pick up my car 'til much later that day. When I got to the lot to pick it up, long after the Goodyear had closed down for the holiday I found that my steering wheel was not centered.
What? Yes it looks like I am making a left turn when I am going straight! It is not a problem driving it. It runs fine. It's just really really annoying. I am hoping the Goodyear here will fix it and bill the other Goodyear for the cost... Wish me luck with that.
Oh and since I have snow tires on now... Let it snow! I heard something about snow in the forecast just now.


Waya said...

I am so not looking forward to old man winter still after 26 years living in New England. I don't know how you Canadians do it. BRRR!

Barbara said...

Well they changed the forecast.. no snow for Toronto... bummer. lol
Waya the only way one can really appreciate the spring and summer is to go through the hell that is winter...
I keep hearing that Toronto is not so bad and I won't even need my witer tires... still I may need to drive to Montreal a few times this winter and I better be prepared.

hilary m. said...

When my dad was in Calgary, visiting his grandma from BC his snowtires were stolen. He didn't want to borrow any money, and he couldn't drive over the mountains so he decided to stay in Calgary and get a job on the rigs. He stayed in Alberta, and a long while later met my mum.

So, without snow tires, or the absence of them, I wouldn't have existed. Anyways, I'm not exactly looking forward to the winter.
I can't even believe summer's over.

Barbara said...

I like that story Hilary. :-)
love romance and winter tires..
there are uses for winter, we just have to look real hard.

kees said...

Snow tires!! Wow. I'm so jealous you live somewhere it actually properly snows!! I'd love it to be snowing here right now. And how very weird about your steering wheel - hope they can get that fixed for you.
And Hilary I LOVE that story!!!

Barbara said...

Snow envy? Kees come on over. In fact I am coming over to your blog right now to share a bit of news.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking after reading about the snow tires it seemed kind of early to put them on for TO then I raised my head to look out the window only to see snow flakes falling !!
(Oct 12-pm)


Wandering Coyote said...

I heard that they're predicting a dry winter out here - so no six feet of the white stuff! You may get snow before us here in the BC mountains. You're welcome to it!