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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sports again?

Alouettes clinch CFL East!
Now this is the team I am cheering for!
I might live in Toronto now but
Some things don't change.
I wish I could have been at that game.
But I went shopping instead...
I know that is a bad choice for some.
I really am a fan of the Alouettes.
I knew they would win against the Argos.
I hear it was close. A real nail biter.
Sorry I missed it.
But not sorry I went shopping.


Evelyne said...

I'm glad to hear (well, read) that you still like the Alouettes... and you I hope that you won't become a Leafs' fan...

Barbara said...

I like piles of leaves... But leafs no. Habs forever!

Toccata said...

Oh no way, Roughies all the way! Go Saskatchewan!

Barbara said...

It was a perfect fall day when my Dad and I went to see the Alouettes vs the Sask RoughRiders
at the McGill stadium (whatever they are calling it now) It was warm but overcast. There was no sun to obstruct the view or burn us to a crisp. The gray skys hinted at the seasons only possible conclusion the winning of the Grey Cup by Montreal! We won that game on that day and the Grey Cup that year... Life was good.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

this has nothing to do with football but i love the fact that you dressed as lovey!

Barbara said...

Well I tried to dress as Lovey you can see the results on the next post.