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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Silent Auction part two.

The results of tonight events were; My Sister won a basket of wines tonight.
No one at our table won The Who tickets with limo, and no one I know won the pearls.
Both my sisters were there bidding up a storm. I think they have their vacation spots covered and Christmas gifts too.

I did win two of my bids.
I got a 100$ certificate for art lessons for 50$ at a very good art school, and I got 4 tickets for Massey Hall's comedy extravaganza for New Years Eve for 90$, value 240$.
The fundraiser raised more money than they need and my nephew and his hockey team are going to Europe! Yeah!
We ate, we laughed, we danced,
we spent lots of money and we all had a great time!

My friend Sonja's painting sold for a bid of 600$.
I have to hand it to them those North Toronto hockey parents they sure know how to throw a swanky fundraiser.
Je suis tres content. Merci pour la soiree J!


Toccata said...

Awesome! Those art lessons are about to become reality! Happy sketching.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Good job on the art lessons! Now you have no excuses. Sounds like a fun night.

Barbara said...

Thank you. I think it was fate that put those art lessons up for auction... Now I have to take art more seriously.

Ocean said...

Congradulations on the art lessons. Waiting to see your work now :) I do alittle sketching sometimes then I like to color it in with chalk and colored pencils.

Barbara said...

I won't be taking the course until winter session begins...
I suppose i could practice