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Thursday, September 07, 2006

What are the weekend plans?

I have Friday night off and I am just going to head downtown after work (all by myself) and just find trouble or fun whatever comes first...

Well Sat. night I'm going with my sister to see this funny guy.
Dave Merheje Comedy
September, 9 2006 - 8:30P at
Fiddlers Green

Sunday my parents will be at my other sister's in Burlington and we will meet them there. Yeah! I think that will be the highlight of my weekend!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

That sounds like a pretty full weekend!
I'm going to a wedding of a former coworker. I shall have to dress up.

kees said...

Have a good night - it's fun wandering about on your own and seeing what occurs. I'm going to look at a house that's for sale. It's way too expensive but I can't help myself and I am a nosy devil.

Evelyne said...

Hope you'll have a good weekend, and walking downtown sounds pretty cool, hope you'll enjoy it!

Barbara said...

I did find something after a very long walk. I will blog about it tomorrow.