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Friday, September 29, 2006

Bumper cars and lacrosse = Whirlyball

Yesterday afternoon J calls me up to ask me if I wanted to go to play whirlyball in her place that night. She had been offered the ticket free because she is a good member in standing.
I say what is whirlyball, and where is this going to be?
I then said yes, and took the directions down.
I had time to walk home, stopping for a Burger Shack burger along the route. One hour of walking = the fat in a burger shack burger... So it's all good.
I got home, phoned my Mum for her Birthday. Happy Birthday Mum! Then I drove off to play.
I got to the Rink and got cold feet, called J up and she tried to talk me into it... I was stuck in chicken mode, meeting all these new people, playing something I have never played.... I was chicken for about 5 minutes. I reminder myself how brave I have been so far and I walked into the Whirlyball entrance to Rinx. There were a bunch of friendly people there watching the game of whirlyball in progress. I talked to them, I watched, then I called J to tell her I was staying and not to wait up.
I was next to enter the court. With the tips on how to drive the bumper car one handed while trying to scoop up the ball with a scoop shaped racket, I joined the team of red. We battled the team of yellow. You ride around trying to get the ball in your scoop without using your other hand.
You shoot at a square board on one end of the court the same colour as your bumper car. You make 3 points for a bulleye and one point for hitting the board at all. It was a lesson in controlling the car first game, then improving the scooping and ball handling techniques for the subsequent games. Then you go for a drink after the game...


kees said...

Oh. My. God. Why isn't everyone doing it? It looks SO much fun! We should get that over here!

Barbara said...

You should kees oor you can come over here and play...