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Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm fine don't worry about me Mum.

Yesterdays news about the shooting at Dawson was shocking and sad. I first saw the sketchy details of this event on Barbara B's blog. Then I went to the CBC site to confirm and turned on the radio to confirm that because it's so unbelievable. I used to live on that same street just two blocks east of there and work just one block west of Dawson on Green Ave.
I have seen all the emergency services people do mock exercises in that very place to prepare for emergencies. Well it may be to early to say but I think the police and urgence sante did a very good job in those conditions yesterday. I have to say but the lessons learned from The Ecole Polytec. tragedy may have saved lives in this case.

I can't believe I complained about my week.
So many in Montreal and elsewhere are having a much harder time.
I have work this afternoon and tomorrow so things are looking even better for me.
I hear the weekend will be good weather so I hope that your plans and my plans include enjoying that.
Have a good one.

being positive

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Something like this really does put our own troubles into perspective, doesn't it?

I know that U of C has quite extensive emergency plans in place (quite likely as a result of the Ecole Polytechnique murders), and are now reviewing even those.