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Sunday, September 03, 2006

I was not tagged and I won't tag you but you can copy and paste if you want to try it.

I borrowed this from Mellowlees blog

1... Things that scare me
People that jump out of nowhere and go BOO! What's wrong with those people?
2...People who make me laugh
My family. Rick Mercer. Jian Ghomeshi and gang. All my blogger buddies. Colin Mochrie
and I guess Jon Stewart too.
3...Things I hate the most
Criminals and anyone who makes or sells weapons.
4...Things I don't understand
5...Things I'm doing right now
Listening to the radio, blogging, drinking water and thinking.
6...Things I want to do before I die
Travel, love, laugh a great deal and make a positive difference in someone's life.
7... Things I can do
I can adapt. I can find the good in things. I can smile. I can wrangle audiences if given a chance.
8... Ways to describe my personality
Self absorbed but kind. Patient. Calm. Serious yet funny (funny odd and funny haha)
9... Things I can't do
Play music, I can barely read music.
10...Things I think you should listen to
The laughter of children.
11...Things you should never(have to) listen to
High piercing screams of pain and terror.
12...Things I'd like to learn
Maybe to read and play music better.
13...Favorite foods
Sushi, spicy foods of all kinds, and my dads Irish stew...
14...Beverages I drink regularly
Coffee, water and tea.
15...Shows I watched as a kid
As a young kid? Mr. Dressup and Friendly Giant, as an older kid Star Trek, Gilligans Island and Fantasy Island. Any show with a cute hero in it....


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh so THAT'S who you are! These things are fun,aren't they?

Do you have people jumping out of nowhere at you very often?

Ben Heller said...

BOO !!!!

Suchi = Yeuch

Kids laughing is the worlds best antidote.

Barbara said...

It used to happen more at my old work place Barbara B. I don't think bankers jump out at people as much...
Thanks Ben. You were expecting a song recommendation right?

Allison said...

I scare easily too.
There are a large number of us who cited Mr. Dressup, funny. Makes sense though.

mellowlee said...

Oh, you reminded me of an mp3 someone sent me once of a baby laughing. It was so precious, and made me laugh every time I listened to it. If I find it again, I will post it on my blog! re: number 1...those people are just mean..MEAN I tell you!

Will said...

I continue to see this everywhere. Agreed ... war is not something I understand either. And I can't read or play music myself ... just listen.

kees said...

LMAO @ people jumping out and shouting BOO! I scare easy but it never ceases to be extremely funny even when done to me! Sushi, spicy foods and irish stew = YUM (not all together)

Barbara said...

Allison there is nothing more Canadian than Mr. Dressup who was from the states...
Thanks for the baby laughs Mellowlee. I loved that.
Will I thought for sure you would be a frustrated guitar player...
Kees I laugh too when the BOO joke is on me.