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Sunday, August 08, 2010


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Remember when you would listen to the radio and hope that one of your favourite new songs would be played so you can tape it on your blank cassette tape. It was one long and tedious way of collecting new music. But it was summer and you had nothing better to do with your time. The DJ on CKGM would talk over the beginning of the song and ruin or add to the songs recording uniqueness. If you were lucky you would have a walkman so you could listen in private to your mix tape. Or you could put the tape in your brothers hi-fi stereo and hope the tape does not get 'eaten' by his tape player and you get caught trying to get your ruined tape out... He should have used a tape head cleaner on his machine. What's wrong with him?

I did buy music. 45s and Vinyl Albums  but if there were songs no one in the family owned and they were on the radio and we went to all the trouble pressing record after waiting patiently then we earned that song. I am sure concert ticket purchases were soon to follow. The technology did get simpler to make recording whole albums and tapes easier but I was never one to be the first on my block to own the newest equipment. That's what boyfriends did. A mixed tape they made for you was a prized thing.

These days I don't download music without permission. I buy the tune online or at the record store or directly from the artist. Sometimes a tune is given by the artist and I appreciate that too. I did make myself  mixed CD's I can listen to in the car but I paid for all those songs.

What brought this up? I was just listening to ELO and thinking that it's time I bought this tune I once recorded off the radio and pay the Artists for their work.

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