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Monday, August 02, 2010

Long weekend in Montreal

A cheesy stop along the 401 highway.

Centennial Lake DDO

Rue St. Paul

Talented bilingual juggler

Montreal wall art on St. Laurent

Plaza at Place des Arts

Christopher's car

Saw Nile Seguin here
A friend of mine had never been to Montreal so I told her I would be her guide on August long weekend. This weekend is a holiday weekend in Ontario but not in Quebec. The drive was easy going to Montreal and only a little congested coming back.  Highlights for us were: apple pie, hot dogs, smoked meat, spotting rabbits, spotting warblers then a coyote in a graveyard. Going to comedywork, talking to Nile after the show, going to see Inception (in an uncrowded theatre), Buying alcohol at the corner "dep", being  a participant in a juggling act and getting to ride in a pimped up mustang! Meeting Chris who owns that mustang. Going to St Josephs Oratory. and finally buying bagels and cookies to take home. Not all in that order.

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