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Monday, October 29, 2007

I am being, not just trying anymore

I want to write a post about how my life is going now but I feel reluctant...

Is it because of work?

That's part of it.

Work is going well and I have applied for a longer term contract.

Wish me luck.

Is it because I have just started dating again and I am not sure how that will go?

That's part of it.

It's going well but it's early stages...

I don't want to jinx it.

Is it because I have less time online because of facebook, myspace and the stroumboulopouli?

That's part of it... but I enjoy those things.

Are there better things to do?

Yes live performances of comedy and music and whatnot..

maybe all that is part of why I don't blog here as much anymore.

Maybe the reason I started this blog is not as valid for me anymore...

that is part of it too.

Barbara W.


Anonymous said...

Hey, This is ocean with a new name. May the new year flood your home with happiness,your heart with love, your life with fulfillment, your soul with strength, your body with good health,your mind with wisdom...and your computer with lots of ram !
So...where do I find you now?

Sunflower said...

well it put me anonymous, Another try.

Anonymous said...

trying to track you down :)
sorry it's been so long. my other email just expired with all my addresses in it...
you look fantastic!!! i'm so happy for you.
please send me a note. i'd love to hear from you. i missed graham so much today i tried to search for him and found you...
all my love...