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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sorry slow to post

I don't announce I won't be posting for awhile because I never know that in advance...

I am looking for a new job because I only have two weeks left at my current temp job...
I have some interviews this week coming up. I remain hopeful. I am settling down nicely in Toronto and I am ready for a permanent job. Being bilingual seems to help get my foot in the door around here.

What fun things have I done since my last post?
I went to see The Golden Dogs last Friday night at Lee's Palace. That have improved a lot as live performers since this clip was shot.

I watched the entire series of Twitch City this weekend ... all 13 episodes on DVD.

Twitch city was funded in part by CTF and is exactly why we need to remind our cable companies to support Canadian productions. We pay them our hard earned money and I want part of that to support Canadian writer, actors and production companies.
Jim Shaw Jr, of Shaw cable and Karl PĂ©ladeau of videotron are just trying to keep the money you all ready gave them, to support Canadian TV, for themselves. Jerks!


Toccata said...

Good luck with the job hunt. Never an easy task. Must say I rather envy anyone who is bilingual. My attempts at trying to learn French always ended in disaster and frustration.

She's Crafty said...

Good, good things are good. If you read my last few posts you will be caught up w/ what's going on with me ;) Especially, the Of Montreal show from Feb 7th.

Things aren't "perfect" but their good. In fact better then they have been for a long long time. I learnt that I am not actually invisibe to the opposite sex, imagine that!

Can't complain; except about family visiting my "friend" for the next week, grrr. I am being selfish! But they might be leaving on Monday, the day of the Shins show, which would work splendidly b/c I will already be in Vancouver!

Good luck w/ the job hunt.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I used to watch Twitch City all the time when it was on tv. What a great cast and beautifully weird show.

Good luck with the move and the job hunting.