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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Keeping the volume down

I have not posted much about Christmas.
I do celebrate it.
It's just I am keeping the volume on that holiday way down.
I don't feel like dealing with it at level 10.
Level 2.5 will do.
I shop, I wrap, I party and make the plans, but I am not into decorating for it or the music or the over the top stuff.
Low anticipation, low expectations no disappointments...

Happy birthday Jesus!
Not sure when your birthday really is but thanks for your gift to us.
The spirit of love.


Toccata said...

Oh Barbara I really am sorry for your loss. I've been sitting here trying to think of what to say. Sometimes I can't snag the right words and this is one of those times. Just take care and wrap yourself in the love and warmth of your family and friends.

Hey, I have a book you might enjoy. It has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas but I think you would like it. However, I understand Catholics not so much. "Joshua" by Joseph F. Girzone. It's a beautiful book and I read it about once a year. From reading your different posts I do think you would enjoy this book.

Sorry, I didn't mean to leave such a long and rambling comment.

Barbara said...

Thank you Toccata. I didn't say it on this post but you picked up on it anyway. Thanks for listening.
I will look out for 'Joshua'.
Anytime you want to leave a 'rambling comment' you are more than welcome to.

Toccata said...

Barbara, I'm off tomorrow morning to spend Christmas with my parents but just wanted to let you know I'll be thinking of you this Christmas. I hope you have yourself a nice time in Montreal. Take care.

Toccata said...

p.s. Will you be taking the art class you won in the new year? I am really hoping to find a painting class that works within my wonky schedule this January. Remember, come summer we are drawing on the Toronto subway!

Barbara said...

I have booked the class yet Toccata but thanks for the reminder. Yes we'll be drawing together this summer. sounds like a good plan.
Enjoy the holidays with your family T.

Ocean said...

Thinking of you. Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season.
May your holidays be filled with Joy and many Happy Memories.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.